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Shenmue 2 Dreamcast JAP (Seminovo)
Shenmue 2 Dreamcast JAP (Seminovo)Shenmue 2 Dreamcast JAP (Seminovo)Shenmue 2 Dreamcast JAP (Seminovo)Shenmue 2 Dreamcast JAP (Seminovo)

Shenmue 2 Dreamcast JAP (Seminovo)

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Shenmue 2 Dreamcast JAP (sem manual) (Seminovo)

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  • Set in Hong Kong, Kowloon and Guilin
  • Highly-detailed world with breathtaking scenery
  • New navigational system--map your current location and mark areas you visit
  • Fight, gamble and otherwise interact with a whole new cast of characters
  • Massive 3D worlds allow full interaction with the environment
  • Ask questions that impact the interaction with other game characters
  • "Advanced Weather" and "Time Control" technologies deliver a visually impactful real-time world with moving 3D skies and changing terrain and vegetation

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Fabricante Outros
Peso 150 gramas
Altura 10.00 cm

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